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This is my personal website where I share projects I've been working on and what I learn along the way.

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Plain text websites

In a world of web apps, videos, social media and multi-media distraction it’s nice to know there are still some websites out there which use simple plain text

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Amazing space facts you might not know

Learn why sunsets happen earlier at high altitudes, the surprising truth about Earth’s daily rotation, and Venus’s unique, backward spin.

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How to query CSVs with SQLite

A simple shell function to query CSV files using SQLite

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What land and assets does Cheltenham Council own?

Or how I turned a CSV into a map and a database.

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Walk from Pittville Pump Room to Prestbury Church

I walked a couple of miles along Cheltenham Circular Footpath, from Pittville Pump Room to Prestbury Church. This is the video of that walk.

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Book notes: A Guide to the Good Life

The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy.

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Be prolific

Produce lots of stuff and share it.

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Hiring an electric scooter

Testing out the new e-scooters that have appeared around town.

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Playing tennis after a 4 year hiatus

Have completely forgotten how to play, but was really good fun. Forgot what an intense workout tennis can be!

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Ruby: The not so good parts

Shining a light on the dark corners of Ruby.

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