Hi! My name is Chris. I'm a Senior Developer at mySociety. I'm currently working on FixMyStreet, a software platform for reporting local problems.

This is my personal website where I share projects I've been working on and what I learn along the way.

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Recent articles

Hiring an electric scooter

Testing out the new e-scooters that have appeared around town.

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Playing tennis after a 4 year hiatus

Have completely forgotten how to play, but was really good fun. Forgot what an intense workout tennis can be!

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Ruby: The not so good parts

Shining a light on the dark corners of Ruby.

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Why I'm starting a newsletter

Working in public is good and content curation is fun!

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Consume less, produce more

Expressing yourself through creative outputs helps balance out the anxiety caused by the modern information economy.

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Canvas art in TypeScript

📝 Notes from porting a JavaScript random art generator to TypeScript.

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Extracting a list of IDs from an XLSX file

Using csvkit and UNIX to extract a list of IDs from an XLSX file.

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Fruit garden schematic

Diagram of my fruit garden, so I remember what’s what.

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Potential social benefits of the coronavirus pandemic

A look at some of the positive things I hope will come out of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Working from home tips

Some tips for working from home that have served me well over the years.

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