Update September 2020: The Looking Glass has sadly closed now.

date: 2019-08-03

It’s still surprisingly hard to find restaurants that serve organic food. So I was delighted to discover The Looking Glass in Cheltenham not only does organic food but they also make everything in-house and they’re open for breakfast.

The restaurant feels much more spacious on the inside than it looks through the window. There are lots of succulents dotted around the restaurant, along with a smattering of mirrors and flamingo statues. Just the right amount of whimsy for my tastes.

Ordered my usual decaf flat white. It didn’t look like the best coffee when it arrived, but the flavour was good. I didn’t come for the coffee though, I came for the food.

I ordered the Full English so I could get a measure of the place. When it came out the plate looked amazing. The eggs had bright orange yolks, the sausage was plump, the bacon crispy and the beans rustic. Apparently the mushrooms are foraged locally. They certainly looked impressive, lots of different colours and shapes, a far cry from the usual sad looking pile of button mushrooms.

The flavour didn’t dissapoint either. Everything on the plate was cooked to perfection, and tasted incredible. I polished off every last morsel. The Looking Glass offers incredibly tasty food at a reasonable price. Well worth a visit if you like your food sustainable and delicious.