There’s a story about an art teacher that split their class in half. They told one half of the students that they’d be graded based on a single piece of work, and the other half that they would be graded on the quantity of work produced.

The half that was being graded on quantity ended up producing higher quality pieces.

By iterating and learning from their mistakes they actually ended up producing better work than the students that only had to produce one piece.

Quantity leads to quality.

Share your work

Sharing work helps you to think and develop. The feedback you get feeds into the next iteration.

If you’ve enjoyed creating something then there’s a good chance that at least a handful of people in the world will enjoy seeing it or hearing about it.

Promoting yourself and your work can be a good way to clarify your thinking and future direction.

Get better by creating more

Produce lots of stuff and share it.

Being prolific doesn’t mean that everything you produce has to be absolute gold. But the process of producing large quantities of work ultimately leads to a higher quality of work.

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